Grupo CheyrodZ

Global Presence: With established strong local presence in over 18 countries across 5 continents and 3 major regional offices. These regional offices serve as strategic hubs to cater to the specific needs of clients and effectively operate in these diverse markets.

US and Canada Region

Our (Houston, Texas) regional office is located in the epicenter key markets with significant economic influence. Our regional office in this area allows us to tap into the thriving busi ecosystems and connect with clients seeking technology, innovation, and investment solutions. We can collaborate closely with businesses in North America, offering them tailored services and leveraging our global expertise.

LaTam Region

Our (Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá) regional office is located the hub of a region of immense potential and growth. Our LaTam office allows us to leverage opportunities and navigate the nuances of the Latin American and Caribbean markets. By having a dedicated presence, we are well-positioned to provide localized insights, expertise, and services that address the specific needs of our clients in this region

EuroAsia Region

Our (Istanbul, Türkiye) regional office is located strategically to tap into the dynamic markets of Europe and Asia. With a local presence, we can better understand the unique business landscapes, cultural nuances, and regulatory frameworks of these regions. This enables us to provide tailored solutions and seize opportunities for our clients in EuroAsia.

Our regional offices, Grupo CheyrodZ ensures a localized approach to better serve clients in EuroAsia, Latin America, and North America. We combine global insights,local expertise, and a deep understanding of regional dynamics to provide our clients with strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and exceptional service, regardless of the geographical location.