Grupo CheyrodZ

Established in 2007 on Puerto Rico's east coast in Humacao, Grupo CheyrodZ has woven a rich tapestry of innovation and success through its diverse ventures. Founded by Chey Rodriguez, a third-generation automotive executive with a storied lineage in the industry, the group's journey is a testament to adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit.
Chey Rodriguez's academic pursuits at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York, where he majored in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, and Economics, laid the foundation for his multifaceted career. This foundation was further strengthened as he pursued an MBA and Juris Doctor at Syracuse University, becoming a corporate lawyer with a unique blend of legal and business expertise.
His involvement in Lambda Theta Phi, a Latin fraternity, showcased his commitment to community and collaboration. Transitioning into the automotive sector, Chey's ventures began with True Latino, offering essential services to urban artists and record labels. This experience, along with a keen eye for business opportunities, led to the establishment of Fennix GPS. Initially focused on Payment Protection Systems, the company's evolution saw them provide crucial GPS solutions for criminal justice systems across Latin America and beyond, under the Fennix Global name.
As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Grupo CheyrodZ adapted once again. Creating soFia OnLine Solutions, the group developed tracing and authentication solutions for governments, adding another dimension to their ever-expanding portfolio. The success of e-Global Pass, a tracking solution born from this initiative, garnered widespread recognition.
Building upon their technological prowess and global reach, Grupo CheyrodZ entered the FinTech arena, forming TurkLaTam Investments to bridge the gap between Euro/Asia and Latin America through creative financing and investments. This move showcased the group's ability to pivot and capitalize on emerging opportunities
Their real estate endeavors were consolidated under Eleven Once Properties, emphasizing their commitment to diverse business ventures. Leveraging their proprietary technology, customer service infrastructure in call centers, and CRM software, the group expanded into direct/affiliate marketing and e-commerce through Thr36ixty Global Services.
The growth trajectory of Grupo CheyrodZ took a significant leap when Chey Rodriguez made the strategic decision to relocate to Panama City. This move not only expanded the group's geographical presence but also brought a valuable addition to the team. Chey's marriage to Taniuska Gordon, a Panama-based lawyer, infused the organization with legal expertise and insights into the local business landscape
Chey Rodriguez's academic background as a corporate lawyer, combined with Taniuska Gordon's legal acumen, provided a crucial advantage to Grupo CheyrodZ's operations. Their partnership played a pivotal role in navigating regulatory challenges, forming strategic partnerships, and ensuring compliance across the group's diverse portfolio of companies
The union of Chey Rodriguez and Taniuska Gordon not only strengthened their personal bond but also became a cornerstone of the group's continued success. With Taniuska's legal guidance and Chey's business and legal expertise, the group was able to navigate legal intricacies, forge valuable connections, and establish a strong foothold in the dynamic business environment of Panama and beyond. This strategic partnership between Chey and Taniuska, both accomplished professionals in their respective fields, marked a new chapter in Grupo CheyrodZ's history, characterized by resilience, growth, and innovative expansion.